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Originally Posted by Gayla
And yes, the flag (not just U.S. flag, but any flag) and blood are extremely powerful symbols which envoke reactive emotion.

It's hard to look at this card and not react's almost like the Death, if you don't understand this card coming in...your going react...I am very interested to see how a seeker will react to it in a reading.
Yes, it's one of those double-edged things that swords do. It's supposed to be a thinking suit, but there's a definite emotional "edge." I was thinking how I might manage that. In some circumstances when I think the querent might react emotionally, I might say something like, "now, there's a trick to this card sometimes--let's see what happens. . ." Then the person begins to look for the trick, which engages the mind. I don't do this on majors, but on unhappy minors, especially swords, it provides a different focus.

Originally Posted by Gayla
Greycats, are you planning on attenting the MAAT conf in July?
I'm not sure, but probably not. I've already offered to give my son and his wife a break from the kids in May so they can celebrate their anniversary. They live on the east coast far from Texas. The main expense is time: we're on a small but working ranch and one can only be gone so long. Tho, I'm not ruling it out, yet.
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