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MAAT Study group 8 of Swords last card for this suit

New moon in Sagittarius on Wednesday- I accidentally posted this to the forum but here goes again...

Well folks we have made it through the entire suit of Swords. The new moon in Sagittarius is this Wednesday.(8 of Swords) Just a few hours later the moon moves into Capricorn this may mean we have some influence from the 10 of Wands as well.
Any thoughts on the blending of the energies between the 8 of Swords and the 10 of Wands. Funny that in traditional tarot the 10 of wands is known to not be able to 'see' where they are going because of the burdens he or she carries. I guess the difference between the 8 and the 10 seems to be movement and struggle for the 10 and paralysing fear to move for the 8. They both can't seem to see what is going on.
Seems somewhat appropriate for the darkest days of winter. Both being in the dark. The 8 is afraid to look or move and the 10 can't see but is maybe trying to see and muscling on regardless, with the need to keep moving forward. My husband has a Capricorn moon and he is like that, he seems to need to keep moving sometimes I think he only stops when he is asleep.

Friday's Winter Solstice opens the suit of Wands. The dark moon coupled with the dark sun signals an ending followed by a new beginning. This is an interesting opportunity to have the dark sun so close to the dark moon. This could be a signal for a whole year of new beginnings. We should note that this is special and does not happen every year.
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