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Good news!

Good question, j-m.

A happy, happy Kat am I! Seems that USGS have come to the same conclusion after considering the issue over the past couple of months. Most recent word is that they're likely to keep the name after all They might have a gilt border to reinforce the name - and if that makes the marketing people happy with my original name, makes me happy too!

On the not-so-good news side, there was another (rather lame) attempt at pirating the deck recently. Sadly, by someone who'd been in contact with me to ask when it would be coming out & to tell me how she couldn't wait (errr... so she didn't!). Luckily my vigilant supporters let me know immediately and in droves when it appeared for sale on the web, so USGS got to know about it and take action.

Can't really say any more at this stage, but it seems that ANY level of paranoia I have about piracy seems justified when even a FAN can turn into a thief and try to flog dodgy copies on eBay!!

Thanks sooooo much to all the people who emailed me about it, you guys are just amazing

NOTE: Translation of my slang... "flog dodgy copies" = "sell pirated versions". Mate, I'm such an Aussie yob sometimes
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