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October release? and the second piracy

I've just heard from USGS that release is now scheduled for October 2003. Sorry it's a month later than I said previously...

Also, they didn't manage to physically get hold of the recent pirated Golden Tarot decks being sold on eBay as "My Grandma's Tarot" by one Gina Rowlands ("luar") but it appears she's come to her senses and stopped trying to flog them. At least, all the original sites fans told me about where she had them for sale have been taken down. Of course I kept offline copies of the pages as evidence, but without an actual deck it would be a bit difficult to prosecute her.

She was actually a fan who had emailed me about the deck in May last year, saying she couldn't wait for it to be released. So it appears she decided NOT to wait - she downloaded it from my site and made copies for sale! Then lied to people who asked her about the source, saying she got it on a CD in Europe - when in fact I still have the email she sent me last year.

I feel all the more infringed that it was done in full knowledge of who I am and what I've already gone through. At least the first piracy in Germany was done by strangers. *sigh*

Ah well, I believe in karma, so I hope that pirates get what they deserve.
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