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Originally Posted by retrokat
The Elizabeth movies and the Starkey TV series manage to be far more historically accurate and yet still really engaging (and very beautiful). They are so worth buying on DVD, I watch them again and again - although I admit I get distracted by admiring the costumes and working out which painting they are from as they're so accurate.
I am so glad I am not the only one who does this. I was very familiar with a lot of the tudor paintings before Elizabeth came out, so when they showed her coronation and various dresses I was just floored at their accuracy. So I really appreciate her red dress in your new deck! I am expecting the Tudor DVD anyday now, from Amazon. Again, I have been warned about the inaccuracies, but look forward to the costumes, the tapestries, the whole crazy Tudor world. Funny how such a time period draws one into utter fascination! This deck will be on my favourite list, without a doubt!
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