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"Golden Years"

Ah, Bowie always tells it like it is.......

I was up at my regular tarot shop last weekend buying the Templar Tarot and I mentioned that the only deck I was waiting for was the Golden. She'd never heard of it or your web site (GASP!!) so I got her to write it down and go look at the site and she will see it in the US Games catalogue too.

Anyway, she's on alert, that's the important thing.

And YES Kat, don't tell people what your next deck creation is. I'm always quoting this but I saw it in Christine Jette's book "Tarot Shadow Work" where she talks about saboteurs and well-placed doubts from people, and how there is power in secrecy. She also cites this marvelous quote from Julia Cameron in her book "The Artist's Way:"

"Always remember the first rule of magic is self-containment."

We want you to be magical!!
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