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24 by 15

So 24 by 15 is really 15 - half of the symbols in each astrology sign (30 symbols for each astrology sign) as 12 x 30 is the way they present themselves...

So Im thinking you are getting more detail with 'pointers' or clues to answers if you use it as an oracle spread... THIS is where picture cards would be useful

Starting with one Sabian Symbol, then reading each of the following symbols would give you a good insight, but I can get confused sometimes when a symbol actually represents a PLACE or a PERSON, rather than the 'meaning' of the symbol.. hmm Id do something like a bi wheel.. 12 on the inside and 12 on the outside, then look to see how it reads... inside being feelings outside being more like places and people.. I also think the 120 position and the 240 position would then hold a little more importance?

Well I suspect this is one spead Im going to have to actually try out soon!

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