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Originally Posted by Alisa13
The most horrifying, disturbing, malevolent, pure evil thing a woman can do is turn away from her light side of loving, nurturing, caring and to abuse the trust that women have been given as life givers, caregivers/nurturers.
What an excellent interpretation! And yes, I think the Devil in the card is female as well. The way she's wearing the cloth, similar to the woman she's holding, implies a bosom.

Your thoughts really work if we consider the BG's Victorian aspects, when women were expected to be caregivers. There is not only the feeling of the clinging woman's dependency (as, perhaps, an "invalid" dependent on a nurse) but also the feeling that the Devil with the hypodermic could as easily be preparing to murder her as keep her addicted. I keep thinking of all those old horror stories where the bitter spinster, tasked with caring for some invalid, does away with them. The message could as easily be a warning of how a caregiver can be made into a demon if they feel chained to their dependent.

The rapturous woman is all into that Devil, but in her loving adoration and ardor, she doesn't see the Devil's calculating and coldly disinterested expression. Or, perhaps, a moment before this, the Devil looked perfectly human and we are seeing the thing's true nature revealed in this moment when it's got his prey right where it wants it. The Devil's only aim is to inject that hypodermic. My feeling is that the woman in the Devil's arms is getting a first or final shot from that hypo. And the meaning, to me, is more one of a relationship turning into an addiction--being manipulated from where the woman freely gave herself to the Devil to one where she'll be hooked.

Alternately, there's that feeling of letting ourselves be seduced and lured into embracing dark things, believing that, somehow, it won't go wrong. Until, of course, that evil thing traps and preys on us. Like the youth who takes up cigarettes insisting that they'll stop before it affects their health, or the girl who takes up with a guy she knows is bad, but it'll be different with her.

This is a really awesome deck.
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