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Originally Posted by mystere2e
Hey everyone -- Count me in for the study group. I just received the Renewed deck last week and can hardly wait to really sink my teeth into it.

I think it would be best to first progress through the Majors; that way we can go through the "story" or narrative of the first 22 cards together. Then studying the elemental minors will fall in place with the main story Bob has laid out in the Majors. [Edit: Can I ask why some people have chosen to start out with studying Coins? Seems like an odd choice. Just asking.]

What do you guys think? Want to start with the Fool? (There is already a thread for this card.)

Also, how should we structure this study group? How about one card per week starting each Sunday? We could start the study group this Sunday the 6th of April.

Just some ideas!

P.S. Leisa -- Where have you posted the text from Bob's book?
Hi there. The reason we started with the Coins was because these two cards had already been done back in 2005 and so we have just added to the existing threads. I assume they began with Coins because in the original companion book Place starts with Coins first.

I believe Leisa has now started a thread for the Fool as you mention so I guess we will go through the majors as you suggested. Leisa is posting the text from the book in the threads for each card as we go on a weekly basis from what I understand.

The link to the index thread for this study group is below:

Glad you are joining us and welcome to Zoe as well
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