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Indeed the gift is bearer, as a cup, of memories, thoughts and feelings. It is interesting to also note what various authors say of this card (irrespective of the depiction being discussed).

For example, Papus hints that with this card, the hurdles placed in the way of love triumph. He also talks of widowhood in connection with this card.

The gift, on this card, has that flower of five petals. It has always seemed a little strange to me, for though there are wonderful five-petalled flowers as depicted, the five petals normally indicate either rose or apple. Here again, then, the poisoned apple of certain fairy tales comes to mind.

The smaller person, usually described as a child, is reminiscent (to me at least) of the young maiden/old woman illusion. If the 'face' of the girl is partially covered to the left, an older woman appears as if facing coily away from the giver (and facing the ground, towards the viewer) - the hair of one becomes the face of the other.

The same person has not a glove, but a mitten, implying, I can only presume, more extreme coldness - and yet the flowers are in blossom. Contradictory images are thus possibly juxtaposed.

Yet this is a card with which I personally associate many positive attributes, for harmony seems implied...

The main image remains, for this card, of a wonderful offering from one larger person who reverently bends forward in the floral offer towards a smaller figure having the main appearance of a child... a beautiful image.

I would like to think that though it is possible to see much more during a specific reading, the overall innocence and beauty of the overall motif is its more important aspect, and that the gift, as gift, is of the treasure of Love.
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