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The walls of the Sun

To me, this card has always signified a kind of Innocence,

(whether it is True Innocence, or a child-like state, or merely the deceiving sort, whereas someone pretends to be innocent, or ignorant, to avoid taking responsibility for thier own actions...depends entirely on the rest of the reading.)

My thought is this:
The wall represents the past, and the earlier state of innocence that one has come from (jumped the wall at an earlier time)and which they can never return to. The sunflowers suggest growth, and the idea that one has come a long way already, and so has no need of returning. So, it *is* a barrier.

Also in this, is the idea that one can return to a state that is *like* innocence...a feeling of play, and whimsy, and childlike wonder, but the wall is there to remind them that with knowledge and growth, they can return to the true innocence that they started the journey with.
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