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ok this just came to me so it may not be too lucid or cohesive

The Sun -
nakes person, naked white horse, red feather, sun at meridian

triumphant - new born should be but isn't vulnerable

dressed person Armoured even how protected can you get? dressed white horse, red feather, dawning sun

(and let's throw The Fool in dressed on his own feet red feather)

i think we're meant (or maybe just i'm meant ;-)) to see these as linked

there are other cards in the deck with red feathers..
minors... 9-cups (smirking guy seems to be hiding - something behind him to me...*also three feathers.. so maybe less related? trying to e related but not quite getting it?) ... knight of wands (tch maybe he dyed his horse although thats more a plume than a feather so perhaps not related) page of pentacles again a plume and not i think really related but i mention him just in case... page of wands a smaller single feather and to me V reminiscent of those in the majors so to me the really Closely linked are:

fool, death, sun, page of wands..... now i just need to find out why/how (who what where when yeah yeah i spread more confusion than anything)

(edited for minor typing errors just like usual)
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