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For me, the story in this card is:

The old man's son and his son's wife are moving into his house because his son is recently married and his wife is moving in to join their family. The son was taught by his father to work hard and you'll be able to provide for yourself and your family, and he is doing just that. He shows a look on his face that says he's experienced some long, hard days of work and can now fully understand and respect his father for how hard he had to work to get them to where they are.

The young girl I think is the younger daughter of the old man. She looks too old to be the daughter of the son and his wife. I think the old man loves her, but is ready for her to marry and move on. I think she's ready, too, she appears to be in about the same mood as her father.

Overall, I think the mood of this card is good. It shows a family that works hard and has much to show for it. They are prosperous and happy, and sometimes with that can come a feeling of being overwhelmed.
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