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To me the DC 10P has a different meaning than most other decks.

I see the male at the back of the sofa the old man lays on as being a demanding person, give me money for this or that, and his closed fists indicate an aggressiveness or an intense need to his character...he wants money and needs it for whatever. The young girl by the sofa is an accomplice incognito to the young man, and she awaits the decision of the old man very intently, but pretending to be uninterested. The female in the background is keeping tabs on what is going on.

The old man, he is sick and tired of the demands 'how much longer is this going to go on for' is what his look is telling me.

So, I see it as a card about the height of family finances, but a lot of planning and scheming going on b y younger family members...the old guy knows what it is all, greed, and power.

Just my take for what its worth.

~ C
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