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Originally Posted by ncharge View Post
have citrine (for the money-bringing aspects), fluorite (to increase concentration and improve decision-making), Ocean Jasper (to focus on the positive and bring cooperation and relaxation to the workplace), and Labradorite (for its protection and awakening of any of my gifts I might need to navigate a new workplace).

Edited to add: Carnelion is always a good office stone for good luck, success, ambition, drive and determination, and to ward off unrealistic expectations.
I have a lovely labradorite obelisk that I could sit on my desk. I keep fluorite on my computer desk at home. I will definitely be taking some to the office with me.

I don't have any ocean jasper. Just googled. What a beautiful stone!

I have several carnelian bracelets and several small pieces of carnelian. Definitely on my take-to-the-office list. Oh! I just remembered that I have a lovely carnelian egg.

Most of my stone are in my curio cabinet and, sad to say, don't get much attention.

Thank you to everyone for all the suggestions! My mind is fried and I can't think straight. I don't go back to work till the middle of next week, so I have lots of time to calm down.
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