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Since it now seems okay to talk about double agents ,while, at the same time, keeping ontopic by not inadvertently mentioning that hypnotism is a different state to 'trance' (as Crowley used the term) I might poke my head back out the wardrobe.

< peeks around >

The reason I first decided to try an Enochian working was I heard it was a type of magic that was good at getting results, even for those unfamiliar with magic generally (dont know if thats true or not ?) ... but it ended up being so for me.

The 'state' I was in in during the 'vision' part was more like lucid dreaming, but more lucid, clear, communications were easier, things were very detailed, visual and colorful (no, I didnt 'take anything' for the ritual) .... the 'realm' ( in the pyramids or within the tablets) seemed more' objective' than other 'realms' .... a lot of the specific techniques of operation within it, were learnt within it (Eg, in the GD versions of the tablets, each side of each pyramid is a different colour and symbol, but in the vision each side was made of a different type of stone or mineral and had an entrance somewhere so a pyramid could be entered from any side, and what was within was different depending on the side you went into. With 4 realms on each 13 x 13 square on 4 tablets .... thats a lot of doorways ! Would keep one busy for some time.

I suppose the big question here is ( the question Crowley poses; are the results of magical experiments indicative of being projected out from consciousness/unconsciousness of the operator or are they indicate of an objective outside agent ? ... Crowley said the decision was still out on that and he wasn't going to make the call ) , did it make a difference to this outlook ...... I came to the same non-conclusion , if anything, evidence swayed it towards the subjective outlook. Fun experiment though.

< Goes back into wardrobe >

<sticks head out>

what was it you wanted me to elaborate on anyway ?

<pulls head back in >
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