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Originally Posted by Fianic View Post
I'm trying to remember a few details of the ritual. I wonder if you remember?

First of all, what was his statement of intent at the beginning? He said it so quickly I didn't really catch it.

The second thing is, as far as I can tell he invoked the whole of the Earth Tablet, rather than get into any specific angel. I may be wrong. But I remember he invoked the three god names of the Tablet, and the elemental king. Was that it? Did he invoke the Seniors afterwards? Or the servient angels?
Hello Fianic. I didn't know there was a fellow At'er there

ehh... It was a bit quick for me too, I didn't catch the statement of intent either. I think I was more experiencing it than having my thinking brain on...I kept up with the LBRP etc because I am familiar with that. the rest was too new.

I have just been looking up the Great Table, (I might have followed more if I had read beforehand...ahem..) From what I am trying to understand, each of the four quarters or Elemental tablets ie Earth, involves a hierarchy. The Great Cross in the middle of each tablet has the Three names of God on the horizontal line, (the line of the Holy Spirit), the King from the left and the seniors also drawn from this Cross.

The sub angles or quarters again of each of the four tablets have another cross in the middle - the Cavalry cross which has the Call and command Angels, then Kerubic Angels, Dispositors and Cacodaemons... rather a lot there to be invoking

The order that you heard seems to make sense, firstly, the three God names then the King. it would seem that the Seniors would be next as apparently the King calls forth the Seniors according to what I have read as he begins their names...

Sorry not to have been of much help! I do remember Dr Shoemaker mentioning the 19th call for all the Aethyrs, with only the need to changing the name for each one, and all of us reciting the names of the four governors of Tex, I guess that must have been after the invoking of the Earth tablet... Maybe that was when I zoned out a little and was thinking of floaty threads wrapping around.
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