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Originally Posted by Lee View Post
Thanks Dee Ell for the pictures!

Yup, I've scoured the 'net and seen as many as I could see. Another area of concern for me is the gender balance - females for Fool, Magician, and Hermit make the deck seem tilted toward the feminine. I can completely understand Jeri's choices given the deck's intended audience being her young daughter. Not a criticism of the deck at all - just wondering if it's right for me. As we all know, we are notoriously picky.
I noticed this too, right before I saw your post. This doesn't really bother me since I pay attention to symbolism more than representation. What did strike me, though, is that when viewing a number of cards together, I see a certain "sameness" in what look like "posed full-length portrait" scenes. The "distance" in the views seems nearly identical and so does the background setting. I have these issue with the court cards in many decks (they sometimes seem like "cookie-cutter" images with different costumes and hair styles). But, as I said before, all that "blueness" does feed my Maxfield Parrish fascination, and I might buy it just for that.
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