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Hello and thank you all for your answers and advice !

I have written Baba Studio yesterday afternoon and they answered within the hour, very nicely. They have to wait until monday so they can check in their stach if they have this card, they are not sure because it's an old deck, but if they have a Page of Cups from this edition available they will send it to me. I explained that I had not bought the deck from them, and insisted that I was willing to pay for the replacement card, but they answered that if they could help, they would do it free of charge. It is not the first time I have to write to their customer service and they are always darling and super helpful. So, fingers crossed and I will wait untill monday !

I also wrote the seller, explaining that I was waiting for Baba's answer, and also I sent pictures of the other deck I bought that is not in the state it was described (it's full of disgusting grime), but they have not answered yet. They dont seem to be fazed when passing dirty decks for "in new condition" and 2d editions for 1st editions.

I checked the feedback for this seller, and apart from the odd negative feedback, there is a lot of good feedback. So, I guess I was just unlucky this time.
I just wish they would answer my messages, but I will let at least three days pass before considering that they are definitively unresponsive.

As AJ and Reall have pointed out, there are risks when buying on ebay.

I thought that getting a new ans sealed deck would be less risky, but as it turns out, it is not. I also was reassured because this specific seller was selling many tarot decks, and a lot of Baba decks, so I though that they knew what they were doing... of course I know that they had no way to know that the sealed deck had a Page missing, and it is not their fault, but I was not expecting them to answer flatly that it was normal and that this specific deck was meant to have 78 cards so all was well and my problem was not their problem.

This is only the third time I buy decks from ebay, and on the first two occasions everything went super well and I had extra nice sellers whith whom it was a pleasure to talk to.
But well.... not all sellers are alike, I guess.

Thank you all for your advise and support !
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