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I just left neutral and negative feedbacks on ebay for the very first time in my whole life
I feel very bad about it, I have been on ebay many years and so far I had only left positive feedbacks. I only bought tarot decks very recently on ebay, on only three occasions ....

The missing card is not the seller's fault although they could at least have tried to be helpful and answer messages. But in the three decks all described as "very good condition because they have never been used", none was as described : one was wearing a little grime (Neutral feedback for this one), the second was completely filthy with several cards disgusting.... the third was not the edition advertized in the listing.... I sent 6 messages to the seller and they answered only once (to my first message) a short mail to tell me that basically they could not care less, and they did not even address the filthy decks in their answer.
My sixth and last message was last week, telling them that I cringed from leaving negaive feedback and I would prefer to discuss the matter with them first, and they have not answered....

So, my first ever negative feedbacks.... It makes me feel unhappy. But well, I did all I could to avoid it, and there is nothing more I can do.

By the way, if anybody knows how to take the grime off cards, any suggestion is welcome.
The grime is thick in places. Where it is thickest I have been able to take some off with a knife blade. But in other places it is not as thick and the blade has not enough grip. And there are many smears on many cards and they look suspect....
I have though of wiping the cards with alcoohol or cologne, but I fear it will wipe off the images also. The cards are matte, they do not seem heavily laminated....

Any idea ?
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