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Rosanne ~

I have drawn this card often in readings but just had not realised that Hathor was an aspect of Isis. I think it is fascinating the way that the Egyptian Gods blur roles so easily and and naturally.

I didn't know that the creative mound appeared again here as well.

I love the colours in this card ! The dress is beautiful

Once I used this Tarot in a reading a member organized about a series of murders in her state. This card came up in my throw as the murderer , It was most unusual and I was convinced he was a transvestite or a cross dresser. There was speculation at the time that the guy was able to get the women because they did not suspect him so the theory fitted.

It is an odd story to tell here and might even wreck this image for you forever - I hope not - but I have always found this deck to be so correct. We didn't pursue the readings. I never found out why and didn't ask because it felt uncomfortable doing them.

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