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Interesting Insight, Thank You

I see her hand now, thanks for pointing it out.

Concerning the coming together of opposites - yes, I can see that now that you point it out. The boundaries are merging.

I recently acquired Fiona Horne's 'Witch Web' CD. Here's an excerpt from the last track 'Divine Yourself':

'...Come forth
From me through me
Love me fuse me
You and me
Me and you...'

'...You were born in the summer
I was born in the winter
Warm me
While I cool you
Its what we were meant to do...'

Fiona describes this song as '...a meditation to invoke feminine and masculine divine energy into your psyche for empowerment and peace...'

I would not have put this together with the 2 of Cups card if you hadn't pointed it out, Marli. Thank you.

You'll love this deck when it arrives. I look forward to seeing more of your insight into the Pearls of Wisdom.
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