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Originally Posted by retrokat
Yep! That's the score. If you're happy to wait, get the cheaper and fancier mass-market one next year. This is just a small, personalised limited edition for collectors and fans who didn't want to wait, and I was thrilled that Kunati (my mass-market publisher) were willing to let Leisa and I go ahead with the small run now.

I guess it's like buying a signed artist's print at a gallery vs going to a poster shop...
Thanks for answering, I already pre-ordered it yesterday, so I was going to get it at any rate. I was just curious about what the deck was coming with aka the price compared with their other self-published offerings from TC. I wouldn't compare the mass market deck to a poster though, it's going to have gilt edges after all! I've never seen any decks by Kunati so I have no idea what their like.

Besides loving the cards I have seen so far and your style, I am a collector so I knew I wanted this set. Call me sucker for the words 'limited edition' That is pretty amazing your publisher was willing to let you do this!

eta: Nooooo, I bet those homemade bags aren't shoddy whatsoever! Homemade things are always better. And your mum doing all those bags, wowee!
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