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Originally Posted by LadyMedusa
I just reserved my copy.

I'm betting Mum Kat's bags will hold up far longer than those bags sometimes included in a certain major (LL...cough...lyn) publisher's deck sets.

I gave my Mum some samples I'd made and big bags of all the materials I've bought, and then we met up 2 days ago so she could check that she was on the right track - and hers are SO much better made than mine

She lives 3 hours drive from me, so we met halfway and had lunch by the seaside - I got to show her the Proof of the deck and try it out in her sample bags.

I think her bags are beautiful. Leisa has popped my photo of the examples on TC, but they will vary a lot - I couldn't buy enough of the same braids to do 500 bags, but they're all beautiful I think. And Mum is a much neater sewer than me!

I suggested to her that if she's not TOTALLY sick of it after 500 bags, maybe she could make and sell bags on eBay now she's retired. Let's see how she feels by 1st August, eh?
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