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I'm new to the Fey, and due to my other studies with other decks, I have gotten an interest in symbolisms, such as colours, animals and plants.

Egg - procreation and new life. Infinity because its shape has no beginning and no end. In ancient times, the egg was a symbol of fertility and rebirth, particularly at the festival held at the beginning of the vernal equinox in honour of the Anglo-Saxon goddess of dawn and spring, Eostre. A pagan custom of colouring and eating eggs at the festival was adopted by the Christians, dyeing them red as the symbol of Christ's blood.

Her wings are like angels wings, and as indicted her eyes are white.

White - purity, chastity, peace, virginity, light, wisdom, and because it conceals nothing, innocence and truth. White can also be blankness and absolute silence.The colour, or rather lack of it, is also symbolic of cowardice.
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