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Originally Posted by Nisha
I got this card for my daily draw today and I had an 'aha' moment.
The way the wands are positioned reminds me of when I used to do Morris dancing a long time ago. We would use blunt swords and it would be like a mock battle of sorts and eventually we would intertwine the swords to create a large star, the ultimate sign of hope and success.

So for me, the 5 of Wands shows struggle and strife yes, but not not necessarily a purposeless one. The potential is there to create something more positive and greater than what is there now, perhaps even by finding a way to work with the competition. The battle shown in the 5 of wands suddenly seems more like a dance and perhaps that is the best way to see the positive in this card.

I agree entirely. When I draw this card, it always seems like a dance, or a challenge where the goal is to practice a dangerous skill, or more often, to see it as a fight to test your limits and know what you're capable of. It's a necessary fight and a challenge, and yes, very high energy, but it's working towards something that is worthwhile to the querent in finding an answer or working towards a goal.
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