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Originally Posted by GryffinSong
It drives me just a little bit crazy when people want help understanding a reading, but they pull three cards for each issue with absolutely no positional meaning. The room for guessing/error/mistakes is far too wide in my opinion. When reading for my own insight, that might work. But when reading for others, the clearer our questions and card positions the better.
Some decks work well without position, but they are made to work this way. And usually they do not work very well with clear-cut questions, they are better for general readings...

But like you, either the deck has to give you what is positive or negative, or the spread has to. If everything is "neutral", the chance of relying on guessing and even cold reading is too great - specially when reading for others, because it is not nough that you understand the message, you must communicate it as well! Oracle-X seems to be the kind of deck that benefits from very defined spread positions, as a way to tell if a card is ill or well-dignified in the question asked.

PsychicLord, thank you for your very careful explanation of your idea when creating such cards and of how they should work. I confess I'm not so used to a "loose" system such as the one the Oracle-X provides (even thought I'm a very 'right-brained' person, so to speak), so it is proving to be quite a challenge. I suppose I'll keep doing what I am doing - sit down with a notebook and write the cards as I see them.

Originally Posted by PsychicLord
For those owners that find a particular card a 'duplicate' (even though it is most certainly not), they can discuss with me within this study group..... or take the card out of the deck (O-X hold no such concept of 'breaking the deck'). All I would say is before you do this, ask the question to yourself..... if the card means the same to me, what does it mean for others?
That's exactly what I was trying to do with my post. I do not want to break the deck before giving the cards, and the other O-X users, a chance of speaking their minds and helping me to see differently.

Originally Posted by PsychicLord
From my perspective, Oracle-X cards are neutral.... they are designed to respond to those inner thoughts a reader may not always wish to face. A deck that has its designer/author and its primary artist both Sagittarian will tend to be direct and maybe tactless at times....... however often in life you need someone to take this role, to tell it as it is.
I'm Sagittarius, with rising Sagittarius as well , so I do not mind a bit a bluntness and tactless, lol! My problem is the very opposite - I'm find it hard to understand what exactly the cards are saying, because each of them can convey so many messages!
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