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Steampunk (Moore) Page of cups

I like how Barbara describes the youth of this suit. It is something we can all understand, if not remember I do have memories of my teens. Emotions up and down like a yo-yo. Dress sense that was oh so important back then, but in hindsight was cringeworthy. (Yes, I was a teenager in the early 80's).
And as for obssessions, well they were plenty. Usually in the form of crushes on people I would never meet, nor would they be as I had imagined they would be. Yet they were so darned intense and if anyone made fun of the crush or the other party it usually resulted in tears and tantrums.

In hindsight, I realise this page has the eggshell emotionally. Looks tough, but boy can cracks appear easily.

Here Barbara has shown a female, who is dressed incredibly differently to the other courts. In effect I feel she has done this as this page often feels they need to make a statement. They may not be able to verbalise as well as the others, and so they try to portray their personality through appearance instead. All this is an indication of low confidence or self-esteem. Sadly though, the attire?? - it just looks a little naff. Our Page is wearing a huge top hat, a huge ruff around the neck and clothing that would only fit in on certain occasions.
Yes, I am thinking here if they were around in the 80's, with that dress sense they would be Spandau Ballet fans and certainly hanging around the New Romantic scene. How fitting eh

They are on a beach, the small waves of the sea not far behind them. Heaven forbid should they get those shiney shoes wet though. It is as if they are trying to NOT be in touch with the sea and therefore, their emotions. Yet their vulnerability is written all over them in their stance and facial expression. Certainly the most confused out of all the pages IMO. This page is holding a glass of red wine (?) in their right hand. Are they about to toast us, or are they unsure what to do with it? Either could apply.

In the background and in the sky, we see a jet or rocket of sorts powering across the sky from right to left. Once the sound catches up with her, she will no doubt jump a little. For now though, she seems totally unaware of its presence.

I guess if I had to describe this lass it would be along the lines of "Trying too hard, outward appearance is a cover for what is really going on"
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