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Originally Posted by Morwenna View Post
Back in one of Robin's workshops, before the book came out, I noticed (and she confirmed) that the staves they're so eager to poke each other with are lined up to form a star, a pentacle, but aren't there yet. With that in mind, I think of struggle to accomplish something, perhaps among people who share the goal but are all tangled up because of miscommunication or stubbornness or ego. It strikes me not so much adversarial as a rivalry within the team trying to achieve something.
I like this idea! I have noticed the neo-star a couple of times, but never gave it that meaning. It gives hope that something useful will come out of this kerfuffle.

One thing I find myself contemplating is the inequity between the contestants. Three of them have other mens' staves directed at them, while the poor sod at the bottom right has *two* pointing at him, and the topmost guy has *none*! I know life tends to be that way... maybe it jars me a bit because for the most part Robin's deck gives a lot of attention to balance (like the sleeve and sword on Justice, as someone on that thread mentioned).
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