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Depends how deeply you want to go. You can just skim the surface of both.

For my own private differentiation, I don't include DV decks - these are affirmation decks even though she uses the word Oracle. And affirmation decks for me are just cards with messages to make you feel better and life's too short for that.

If you're talking proper oracle decks, they often take quite a lot of study and like gregory says, it isn't always easy to get a message from them.

But I allow myself the luxury of brazenly consulting the books with the denser oracle decks. Something I don't do during a reading with tarot. The Moon Oracle was mentioned above. I love this deck and get messages from it, really quite clear ones in fact, but I have to use the book and read the cards as indicated. I allow myself this luxury. I mean, one can't be expected to internalize ALL oracle systems and read effortlessly with them. You need to find which ones work for you and which ones don't and it's all part of the journey. With the Moon Oracle I cannot imagine myself ever being able to read with it without consulting the moon cycle, for starters.
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