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If for the last time you're to suggest only one deck to all ATers, which would it be?

Sort of like your valedictory deck advice to the readers of these forums. It can be a deck you find very much essential to any Tarot collection, one which you found personally indispensable, or just one that you've fallen utterly in love with, which has been your most trusted companion for quite some time.

I know it will be very difficult, but please give only one deck, alright? When people revisit this thread long after the Forum has succumbed to its endless sleep, it shall be the Tarot that people will associate with you. I've always wanted to ask this question, and I guess now would be the perfect time.

For me, it would be the Smith-Waite Centennial. Especially to those who do not have an RWS deck yet or who were turned off by the previously available versions. You'll be thankful that you gave it a chance. Do get the regular-sized version, tho the pocket Tin edition is available on the cheap right now for about US$ 10+.

So how about you?
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