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Deck 09

Here a "new" one I received today.

DECK 09 / (scans: GrimaudTdM09)
Copyright: B · P · GRIMAUD PARIS 1981
Copyright on major Arcane (except XVI La maison dieu, XVII La lune & XVIII Le soleil),
on all honours, the pips have no copyright
French titles
Normal cardstock
Background color: white
Violet box with LE MONDE on one side and LE MAT on the other side
Réf. 394 403
Cards: 64 mm x 123 mm
Deck thickness: 27 mm
LWB: written bei Tchalai pour Grimaud.
Copyright on the LWB: © France Cartes _ France 1981

I believe this is the last edition of the deck, as one can find it mostly everywhere, but I am not sure.
The blue color begins to be quite dark but I have a copy of a mini (also 1981) which is darker.
Interesting is that the scheme to place the copyright on the cards is the original one (00a, 01) as on Marteaus book.
The fact that there is no copyright on the pips allows one to self choose if a card is right or reversed
The LWB is quite thick with 96 pages
There are 2 additional cards: one advertising card (for other decks) and an historical card with some "important" dates in the history of Tarot.
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