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SCORPIO (approx Oct 24 - Nov 22) ~
ruling planets: mars, pluto
associated house: 8th
symbol: scorpion (but also the eagle and phoenix)
glyph: an m which ends in a barb
element: water
quality: fixed
birthstone: opal
metal: iron

Scorpio keywords:
intensity, passion, extremes, all-or-nothing, destruction, regeneration, sexuality, death, secrets, hidden, forbidden, psychology, occult, obsession, control, power, cunning, ruthlessness, perserverance, resourcefulness, magnetism, defiance, subversion, loyalty

gylph: a circle connected to a diagonal line ending in a barb
year: approx 1.88 yrs

Mars keywords:
war, ego, risk, passion, will, energy, conflict, courage, competition, aggression, heat,

glyph: there are 2 common glyphs for Pluto. The first is the circle which floats (transcends) above the semi circle which rests upon a cross. The other looks like a capital P with a horizontal line extending to the right from the base of the P.
year: 247.7 yrs

Pluto keywords:
destruction, regeneration, transformation, secrecy, elimination, power, obsession, all-or-nothing, degradation, treachery, subversion, concentration (practically interchangable w/Scorpio keywords)

8th HOUSE~
type: succedent water

8th keywords:
sex, death, money/resources, occult, psychology


Hopefully this intro post provides a good jumping off point. I know Minderwiz mentioned getting more in depth about the sign quality (associated w/house type) so we'll move in that direction. After everyone feels they have a secure base of understanding, I'm going to pull in mythological, agricultural and tarot connections and get some real Scorpian in depth discussion going.


We are also in luck. Mountain Astrologer has their Scorpio issue online for free. Check it out here:
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