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Wow, Isthmus, this is so freaking cool!

i am always here in astrology reading ppl's conjunction in nth degree in house with trine to something and i hear blah, blah, jibbity jabber in my head becuz i don't know anything about any of it! every time i try to learn it i always get to the same place, usually about what you covered already and then i give up! LOL

but i am determined this time! well, i was determined every time--lol--but maybe this time it will take.

as for the all or nothing aspect with scorpios, since i do have my chart done here, by someone else of course, i was not shocked to see that it is split exactly in half with all activity in only 6 of the 12 houses and the bulk of it being in the 8th house.

holy moly, i'm already talking like i've learned something!

love and blessings,
New River
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