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Originally Posted by thorhammer
What does he mean by this? How is this card associated with that particular Sephiroth?
All the Princes are associated with Tiphareth by the formula of YHVH.

Yod - Knights - Chokmah
Heh - Queens - Binah
Vav - Princes - Tiphareth
Heh - Princesses - Malkuth

The special thing about the Prince of Swords is that he is not only a Prince and therefore related to the letter Vav and the sephiroth, Tiphareth, but his own element is Air, which also relates to the letter Vav and Tiphareth. Of all the Princes he is the most.... erm.... Vav-ey. If the energy of this card could be focused in one place it would be like concentrated Tiphareth. None of the other Princes have this quality.

It is a quality that is shared by the Knight of Wands, Queen of Cups, and the Princess of Disks, in their respective sephiroth/element combinations.
Originally Posted by thorhammer
What, for that matter, is the significance of the yellow . . . things which emerge from behind each figure like wings
They are supposed to be wings. But they are sort of like an extremely abstract idea of a wing. Remember that this card is very "mental". The notion of practicallity just isn't in this card. It's more about ideas and concepts. Everything is still "up in the air".
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