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In response to my question of Crowley writing on the Prince of Swords, "Do you think he could be describing himself? - Aeon responds: "
Originally Posted by Aeon418
No. Crowley saw himself in the Prince of Wands.
Crowley could declare he saw himself in the Prince of Wands, without ruling out identification with other cards --- obviously, no court card can describe all the aspects of one person. It would be dangerous and foolish to suppose one tarot card could circumscribe the character of any human being -- limitless as we are, and participating as we do, in all of humanity/animality.

I believe we can understand of others only what we know of ourselves; in the Prince of Swords he would be describing a part of himself, a part of me, of you, --- because it is an aspect of humanity....

To broaden the perspective a little away from "character" -- here is a card which describes "la déchirure" -- the ripping apart--- between God and Man which awareness of existing (as a unique and separate entity) imposes. The card describes the human condition.... of existential crisis.
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