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Originally Posted by Abrac
DuQuette says: "The final version is full of mad, seemingly futile movement." and "The children pull at the chariot "irresponsibly" in any direction that takes their fancy; they are not reined, but perfectly capricious."

I don't know what deck he's looking at, but I see children who are reined in. There is no futile movement. The Prince has his sword & sickle and is moving forward with control and purpose.
Hmm, good point. I see them throwing tantrums . . . or perhaps writhing in agony, as though some supersonic wave of energy is torturing their minds, while the "jolly green giant" . . . you can almost hear him screaming, abusing them in frustration and calling down every curse under the Sun to try to get them to do his bidding . . . but they don't know what it is, because not even he knows what he wants. There is great discord here.

\m/ Kat
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