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Crowley's basic premise is one of "mad, seemingly futile movement." DuQuette more or less follows suit. But Frieda Harris' input from the LWB is interesting insofar as it gives an idea of what she was going for: "The Prince conveys two ideas, one is simply hail (not sure what she means here), the other the restriction of the scientific outlook, which uses but limits the imagination which is shown in the harnessed fays." Her premise is one of control rather than anarchy, and the fact that the Prince has reins in his hand seems to support this.

If you start from the premise of control, the sickle then becomes something different than a symbol of death, taking into account that it can be a symbol of life or death. Death is unpredictable and "chaotic," but I don't believe this card represents chaos. Capricorn (to which this card partially corresponds), being the beginning of the winter solstice, is more closely aligned with rebirth than with death. All things considered, the sickle seems to me as simply a symbol for Saturn, of fertility or maybe of time itself, i.e. the (orderly) cycles of time. From the Dictionary of Symbols: "It (the sickle) was an implement which Cronos used to castrate his father Ouranos (Uranus) to prevent untimely creation.
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