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Originally Posted by Abrac View Post
......Waite shows his own struggle by basically placing it as 0 and 21......
Putting the PKT description of The Fool between Judgment and The World is according to Levi's ordering, which apparently was more or less standard among occultists until it was revised by the GD. In PKT, part II, section I, page 70, Waite makes it clear that he is not in agreement with this. "[In section II] the zero card of the Fool is allocated, as it always is, to the place which makes it equivalent to the number twenty-one. The arrangement is rdiculous on the surface, which does not much signify, but it is also wrong on the symbolism, nor does this fare better when it is made to replace the twenty-second point of the sequence." Thus it would appear that the Levi ordering serves the purpose of a blind.
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