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This was my card yesterday.
Since I have started studying this deck and working exclusively with it, I find it resonates very much with my lifestyle. I don't see anything negative at all in the card since it really pretty much describes my daily life as a single part-time mom with pets around me. I am used to doing things alone and at weird hours

This card looks like another busy day, a good one since much work has been done, with the faithful and soothing presence of the little dog. When my kids are at Dad's, I am alone with the pets here, well, I am not *alone* thanks to them.

Yet it is also true I have a tendency to rely too much on myself only and have difficulties in asking for help. This card gave food for thought in that department. I have been working on this lately, the fact that I committed myself to this study group is a sign I need others' input as well as mine. I read Deirdre's book, I read your additions, Davina and I am learning.

Funnily enough, the fact that there is light in the cottage doesn't mean to me the lady has a partner inside. Once again, based on my experience, I just see it as a proof of the ordinary multitasking of women. Maybe there are children in the cottage, maybe she needed to go inside at one moment to cook or do the laundry or something else, maybe she needed to warm the cottage for the night in advance otherwise it is too cold. Heh, you know what? Yes, that's it: multitasking and careful! She knew the work would last long and that she might have to do the last bit in the semi darkness so she put some lights on in the cottage to find her way home more easily. I do that sometimes in the winter when I go out and know I will come back when it is dark (it gets dark pretty early here in the winter). The lit cottage also shows she has a comfy warm place to go back to and rest in once the hard work is done.
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