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Originally Posted by Beanfeasa View Post
I have it since it was released, (2000/01ish). I bought it in House of Astrology, on Parliment Street, Dublin where Julian used to read out of. It's a tattoo parlour now. I love it, it's so worn, it's gotten so soft, it's like satin. I live were some of these stories are based, it's energy feels like home to me, my local clients love it to, for obvious reasons.
I wish st Martin press would reissue it, I'd happily buy another copy.
That's so cool that you live near some of the scenes! 😎 What a good excuse to visit Dublin! 😊 They did a perfect job on this deck especially design and cardstock quality. If they do print it again I hope they change NOTHING! 🙏🏻😊
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