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I had exactly the same thoughts when I moved from the RWS and various clone decks - I use the Liber T more than the Thoth at the moment but they are both very much the same style of deck and at first glance some of the cards of both decks can seem very negative.

Reading a Thoth is a little bit different from the RWS, visually and with interpretations. I find the Queens in the Thoth come first in the Court cards, and I struggled with the concept of a Knight/King. But it does come with practise, you just need to get to know the cards. You've only had the deck a few days, just use it and get to know it and you'll find that the deck is very even and not overly negative. Concentrate on the imagery, and the deck will open up.

Plus as good as I think the LWB is, it only contains a little bit of the information that is in the Book of Thoth but the LWB is a stepping stone, not necessarily to the BoT, there are quite a few good Thoth books around that are easier to read.
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