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I don't find the deck dark at all, though do think each card individually is more balanced than perhaps the RWS and its clones. The RWS seems to have a stronger idea of "this is a positive card, the 10 of Cups is happily ever after" as opposed to "this is a negative card, The Devil is always about something bad". By contrast the 10 of Cups in the Thoth is an exceptionally bountiful card, but there is a recognition that that bounty can have its costs also. The Devil however is a forceful and positive card, though of course that depends on what you're interpreting it in response to, sometimes it may not be favorable in certain readings (though I love getting it!).

I think the RWS has a greater number of "positive" cards and a smaller number of "negative" cards within its 78 members, to the point of unrealism. The Thoth however I find is more like "here are 78 cards, each has its good and bad points". This appeals to me a lot, and reinforces the lack of need for using reversals and other such things used in the RWS to provide more depth and variety to the interpretations. Certainly the RWS with a lot of reversals seems a much darker deck to me than the Thoth does.
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