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I honestly find the RWS more negative than the Thoth. Using the 10 of Swords as an example, the 'Lord of Ruin', the RWS captures in an image ONE idea of what ruin may mean. When this card comes up in a reading with the RWS I always feel like I don't have a lot of room to move. Same with the three of swords. In the Thoth, while the card most definitely gives a strong feeling (or vibe) of ruin, it's not pinned down to any specific example. For me, this gives a lot more flexibility to consider what ruin means for me right now in this particular moment in time. Ruin isn't always a negative thing. But lying dead on the ground with ten swords in your back.....that feels about a negative as it gets to me.

The Thoth is an interesting journey. I really have a love/hate relationship with it. But for all the decks I have, and have used, this is the one I'd probably keep if I had to only have one.
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