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I stumbled across an amazing image from the "Water-Stone of the Wise," a treatise on Christian alchemy originally published in the early 17th century. Waite was certainly familiar with it as it's translated and printed in The Hermetic Museum, Restored and Enlarged, 1893, which he edited and wrote a Preface for. He also makes a reference to it in a footnote in his 1926 The Secret Tradition in Alchemy, pg. 10. It shows a hand holding a torch reaching down from a radiant triangle to light a candle that's rising out of of a heart. The stump on which the candlestick is placed has many visible roots going into the earth. Two figures wearing crowns who look like they might be priests, or at least men of importance, are walking away into the darkness while the ordinary fellow is illuminated by, and in awe of the light.

This image is from the 1743 edition which I found at Internet Archive. There's also a 1760 edition that has the same frontispiece.
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