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I ran across a reference from Waite where he calls Temperance a type of Shekinah. It's from his lecture "The Tarot and the Rosy Cross" dated c. 1910. If the dating is correct—and there's good reason to believe it's close—then it shows Waite associating the Temperance angel with Shekinah around the time the Waite-Smith tarot was created. Summarizing his comment, the High Priestess is Shekinah in the world of Supernals; Temperance is Shekinah in Briah; the World is Shekinah in Yetzirah; and in Assiah Shekinah is represented by the Hegemon of the Order. Shekinah isn't mentioned by name but the context from which this is taken is dealing specifically with Shekinah.
"Lastly, as the wings of Aima Elohim [Supernal Mother] cover the Supernal Sephiroth in the world of Atziluth, she is the synthesis of that world and is represented as such in the Tarot card of the High Priestess. In her substituted form of Temperance she is called—as we have seen and know otherwise—the synthesis of Tiphereth, and Tiphereth is the synthesis of Briah. As the Isis of Nature in the 21st card, she is the synthesis of Yetzirah; and in Assiah—which is the world of things as they are, the earth and the fulness thereof—she is represented in our Outer Temple by a human being, the Hegemon of the Golden Dawn, who from one point of view should be therefore always a woman, save and except that in the truest and highest sense the male is not without the female nor the female apart from the male, each implied in each and both expressed in either."
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