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Dr. John, consort of Marie Laveau. Some say he was her husband, a trickster, swindler, Svengali.

Dr. John is dressed in a loincloth. His face is painted in tribal marks and a white and blue headband is around his head. He is crouched over a drum. His left hand is raised above his head (channeling/harnessing divine energy) and one hand beats the drum (divine energy  transformation): as above, so below. The drum head glows as he beats it.

A burning torch is on his right hand (light in the darkness). The dark blue background has barely discernible movement (progress even when not apparent). The dark is that of predawn, of coming out of the darkness.

The loincloth and tribal marks indicate the primitive, instinct, back to basics, raw materials.

The drum head glows gold like a mini-sun (energy, abundance, creativity). The burning torch is made of straw (primitive) and underscores the illumination/knowledge principle.

Dr. John sitting on drum  direct contact at crotch level/penis  vibrations at the life-giving level (stimulation of life? Sex as primitive act, procreation?). The loincloth matches the drumhead and the torch  energy, vibrations at 2nd chakra?
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