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looking at Dr. John with his drum I am not so sure just what this man is up to. I am a accomplished drummer, play on stage and also am a member of a Voodoo Rada "orchestra" where we play all night the sacred Afro-Haitian rhythms like the Abakua or the Ibo.... until the Lloa come in.....
Most of us drummers go into trance easy....the expression in the face of this man is not one of trance but of full allertness and chalange!
also the way he is portrayed drumming is not how one drums in real life. The rhythms are FAST and hand movement is low and minimal + NO time to raise the hand all the way like this and keep the beat, not even in the Yanvalou or Guaguanco which are less than 160 beats/ min.
So my bet is that this man is not drumming for the Lloas but for show and to impres the tourists in a bar.....

He is playing a trick on you guys, that have never seen a real ceremony or a bembe'.....
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