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Yes, this is another card which differs markedly from RWS and earlier Christian based decks.

It is full of symbolism and I had to get the magnifying glass out to catch it all LOL.

This card seesm to emphasize the cycle of death and reincarnation. Is that all there is to Karma? Is one completely caught in the reincarnation cycle ie coming back in another eartly form, or is there an end to it in the sense of being united in a loving God, or reaching eternal light or whatever the goal is for truly enlightened souls?

The shrouded figure reminds me of Death.

The study of this card comes at at time when I have lots of questions about Karma. The Shrouded Figure....who decides on the judgment? Some say the Soul chooses the lessons it needs to learn in each life. Who decides what needs to be learned?

These questions of course can't be answered in this life or can they? I think of the individual conscience, whatever it means for each soul. Some might call it intuition. If one lives according to one's own one therefore living out Karma? Does the Soul inherently know?

The answer is less clear in this card than in the RWS and Christian based cards where it is clear that the Soul is judged by God.
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