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Interesting thoughts come to mind as I read Silverlotus's description and thoughts on this card. Please forgive the disorganization here. I'm sort of thinking out loud.

The idea of souls choosing their own lessons for their next life is one you don't often encounter in the Judgment card of more Judeo-Christian decks, where the circumstances of birth as well as the eventual Judgment are rather final and absolute. I find that of great interest here because it makes this a more interactive sort of card than those Judgment cards. It feels as if there's more wiggle room, if you will, for the Querent in this Karma card. But that little bit of wiggle can come back and bite you.

As to the question of whether karma is resolved in this life or the next, I've always been of the personal belief that this varies. Some things seem to come back around for people immediately. Others don't. Maybe there isn't time in what's left of one's current life, or the circumstances aren't right? What is of greater importance to me is that, whether it comes back sooner or later, karma definitely comes around.

Moongold raises the question of when, or whether, the circle of rebirth ends with something more settled than repeated reincarnation. Is there a final resolution of some kind, a graduation?

These are big questions, and I wonder if one single card should bear such a load. But this one seems to take it all on. Very powerful, and I think with the aid of an astute Reader's intuition this card can probably handle it all. But it's one that I know I'll find somewhat daunting when it turns up in a reading.

Oh, BTW a good one-word definition for Karma is Accountability, and that can cover even the chosen lessons for one's next life. In other words, if you chose this, then surely you can find a way to deal with it.

Yikes! I imagine many people would put up some resistance to this notion. This may require delicate handling.

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